Perenco began operations in Colombia in 1993 after acquiring assets in the Llanos basin. Perenco operates five association contracts (Casanare, Estero, Corocora, Garcero, and Orocue), two ANH contracts (Oropendola and Llanos45, in exploration phase), one concession contract (Yalea) and one non-operated contract (SIN3, in exploration phase).



Perenco has succeeded in making
these remote sites economical by
rationalizing operational costs.

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Perenco has been operating in Colombia since 1993 when it acquired Elf Aquitaine Colombia SA’s assets in the Llanos Basin.  In 2014 Perenco closed a major acquisition with the purchase of Petrobras Colombia (PEC).  Perenco’s operated and non-operated production is now in excess of 25,000 bopd. 

The acquisition of Petrobras Colombia’s (PEC) assets included interests in 11 onshore exploration and production blocks and participation in the Colombia and Alto Magdalena oil pipelines.  These assets are now known as Perenco Oil and Gas Colombia Limited.  Both the assets and staff have been successfully integrated into Perenco’s operations.

In Casanare, Perenco is the operator of a large number of contracts including five association contracts: (Casanare, Estero, Garcero, Corocora, Orocue), three ANH contracts (Oropendola, Balay and Cerrero blocks) and one concession contract (Yalea).

In Tolima, Perenco is the operator of the Boqueron association contract. Guando is one of the three largest discoveries made in Colombia in the last 15 years.

Perenco has a share in seven non-operated contracts in both exploration and production phases, three in Casanare (Tiple, Puntero and Merecure blocks), two in Huila (San Jacinto and Rio Paez blocks), one in Cordoba (Sinu-3 block) in the exploration phase, one in La Guarija (CR-1 block) in the exploration phase

Perenco´s operational success in Colombia has come from developing isolated fields, in both Tolima and Casanare, and integrating them into a single operation.  Perenco has succeeded in making these remote sites economical by rationalising operational costs, and by developing social programs with more than 100 villages and 14 municipalities where over 10,000 families have directly benefited from job opportunities, improved healthcare, education, infrastructure and sustainable projects; this represents an investment of $6m by the company during 2014 alone.

The 2014 drilling campaign included seven development wells and four exploration wells (Katmandú Norte -1, Chácharo-1,  Zamuro-1, Uraca-1), as well as more than 100 well interventions (including, production optimization, oil behind casing, ESP/PCP changes and stimulations).  In total these wells have added close to 10,500 bopd through production optimization. 

Since receiving commerciality of the Guando South West field from Ecopetrol (the Colombian State Company), Perenco has successfully completed its first phase of development drilling.


We achieve results through quality operations and seeking our personal development.

Corporate social
in Colombia

Actions are integrated with Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility policies, through engagement with the communities in the areas of influence.


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Corporate social responsibility in Colombia

  • Education & Health
  • Environment
  • Culture & Sports

Perenco Colombia is carrying out support programs for the improvement of schools in its areas of influence, providing 1 000 desks and 1 000 school kits so that the children may have better conditions and performance as to their academic development.

The universities have subscribed agreements aimed at providing higher education opportunities to community people who meet the basic requirements. In turn, education institutions provide us with performance results and statistics, and management indicators, which allow us to assess the outcome of this high-impact program throughout the Department.

Perenco conducts an eye health program, "Eyes with Hearth", which consists in providing an entirely free optometry service and glasses supply, to benefit adults in the most remote communities of Casanare where the company is present, with a commitment to improve their eyes health. This project has already benefited over 400 people in 15 rural districts within our influenced municipalities.

Perenco Colombia, being loyal to its conviction of promoting sustainable development in its operating areas, within the framework of its environmental commitment, has developed for over 15 years reforestation projects to protect the hydrographic basins.

These actions are integrated with Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility policies, through engagement with the communities in the areas of influence. Such relationship is established by means of hiring personnel during the site preparation and establishment and maintenance of species phases, thus favoring low-income families located in remote areas. This is a high-impact benefit, as the program is implemented within the properties or in the surroundings of these families' farms.

Currently there are reforestation projects underway in the foothills and savanna areas in the basins of the Cravo Sur and Pauto rivers, department of Casanare, over an area of more than 98 hectares, estimating that by the end of year 2014, 100,000 growing trees will be delivered.

Perenco carried out sports integration events with the communities and municipal agencies (Mayor's office, Ombudsmen, Secretariats and environmental agencies), with the aim of strengthening friendship links and keeping up with good neighbor policies. It is vital for Perenco to keep supporting sports in the region as a way of social commitment with the department of Casanare.

Perenco fosters and strengthens the Artistic Formation Schools (EFAS) Project of the 'Ballet Folclórico de Casanare' foundation, which benefit over 120 children, youth and adults in our communities. Thanks to the initiative of young professionals, together with the San Mateo Environmental Institute and the support of Perenco, the non-profit Education Center, Ballet Folclorico de Casanare, was created, which provides artistic formation on typical Casanare and Colombian folk dances, among various communities in the area of influence of the operation.

Another high-impact program is the "Cine Perenco", which is intended to offer an alternative activity to the most remote rural districts and areas in the department of Casanare, so that families can share a moment of entertainment and cultural interchange. Over 1 000 people of all ages in our communities have participated in this program.


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